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From Uptown to South End

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Experience all of Charlotte, NC

Lush parks and greenways, cozy diners, world-class museums, lively breweries and quirky boutiques—Charlotte’s neighborhoods draw their distinct characters from these hallmarks. Discover the city’s beautiful boroughs for yourself.

Uptown - Charlotte's Vibrant City Center:

Our very own neighborhood and the heartbeat of the Queen City, Uptown is the city’s center. Sports, museums and markets all live here. Watch an NFL game at the Bank of America Stadium, NBA at our CTC Arena or visit the Truist Field to see our Charlotte Knights in action. You can tour through Museums of modern and African-American art or race through the exhibits at the NASCAR Hall of Fame. There’s no shortage of things to do while in Uptown Charlotte.

South End - Where Creativity Flourishes:

A creative district in its local businesses, the South End houses some of the most unique home design stores. Staying true to its roots in milling, furniture stores and antique shops are widely known in this neighborhood although another industry has been working its way in, breweries. Tour the neighborhood with a brewery hop and see some of our local brews at Sycamore Brewing, Wooden Robot Brewery, The Unknown Brewing Co., Lenny Boy Brewing Co. and Triple C. Brewing Co.

Dilworth - Historic Charm and Festive Delights:

One of the city’s oldest neighborhoods, Dilworth is the home of Charlotte’s first streetcar and a spirited neighborhood less than ten minutes from Uptown. Take a walk down East Boulevard filled with unique boutiques for your fill of shopping and find anything from cheeky knickknacks to handmade collectibles. Block parties and festivals fill this neighborhood year-round making it a lively stop on your Charlotte agenda.

Myers Park - Where History and Nature Unite:

Experience far away galaxies, trace constellations and look at life on the moon through the lens of Discovery Place Nature’s planetarium. Historians, explore the Mint Museum Randolph, a former branch of the U.S. Mint turned museum of African and European art, or take in The Duke Mansion’s grand gardens and century-old charm while seated on the home’s stately front porch. Historic estates and lush gardens make this neighborhood ideal for exploring by foot.

NODA - Where Art, Music, and Flavor Collide:

This arts district celebrates all forms of artwork through street murals, live music and deliciously creative restaurants + bakeries. Enjoy a gallery crawl or hop into one of the many breweries this neighborhood offers by taking a short ride on the blue light rail line.